Exhansted by creating a new wallet for every Coin type?

Here comes the solution---Hardbit HB01M, a muliti-coin hardware wallet.

Creating one account, encrypted it with a password, backup the 153 byte wallet file, then you can collect and send any type of cryptocurrencies.

When you want to transact a new coin type,you only need to install the coin basic data (4kb) into the Hardbit device via QR code, then the device will create a corresponding address for the new coin type,then you can start collecting coins! 

No need of downloading and installing wallet program, no need of waiting for downloading blockchain data, no need of backup a bunch of wallet files.It's more than simple, isn't it?

It not only supports exisiting cryptocurrencies, but also supports any new coin types created in the future following the Bitcoin framework.Just install 4kb basic data and start playing!

Don't forget the more important point: it's a safe solution--hardware wallet. Your private key is thoroughly shielded from internet. It's immune to any kind of hacker attack--trojans, fishing emails, keyboard capture plugins, address change plugins, or tricks even not invented yet.