Hardbit Bitcoin Hardware Wallet--Theoratically Absolute Safety and 0 Trust 

 This is another expression of Hardbit white paper.

    People PAY for hardware wallet to get more safety. So they deserve to get answers for every concern about hardware wallet safety.

    The following 3 questions cover all  the concerns we collected after the launch of Hardbit:

    1 why hardware wallet is safer than other solutions?

    2 How can you(Hardbit) prove that you can't steal my Bitcoin away?

    3 If your product(Hardbit) fails, how can my Bitcoins be still safe?

    4 (Based on 3,) is my backup file safe enough against  brute-force cracking cracking?

   Let us answer all the questions one by one.

   why hardware wallet is safer than other solutions?

    Private key is EVERYTHING for Bitcoin control.

    Once you use your private key to sign a transaction in an online device, your private key is exposed to hacking.That's the major risk for Bitcoin lost.Together with the explosion of Bitcoiners, also the explosion of Bitcoin hacking and Trojans.

    Only hardware wallet can provide offline-signing which is the only way to avoid exposing private key to internet.

    You may argue that create offline,sign once and dispose , is also a safe solution for Bitcoin storage. Yes, that's a solution, but that solution is not safer compared to hardware wallet, but introduce another risk: it makes Bitcoin payment extremely inconvenient, and inconveniency may cause Bitcoin loss.

   How can you(Hardbit) prove that you can't steal my Bitcoin away?

    Today , we confidently tell you : we have NO WAY to steal your Bitcoin our of the Hardbit made by us.

    (1) QR code only communication

    QR code is an unautomatic communcation method. You can safety-check the QR before you make use of it. So even if we want to do something bad, you can block us by not-scanning the QR code.

    We will provide an open-source safety checking app to check if there's hidden information in the QR codes.It also checks if we change your payment target address or payment amount.

    From now on,our product don't have antenna, and also there're no drivers installed for wireless communication ,so there're no wireless way to leak your information.

    You can choose not to wire link the Hardbit to any other electronic devices to avoid leakage from auto-communication.

    (2) Manually input privatekey 

    Of course you are worried if we pre-install the private key in the hardware wallet, so that we can steal your Bitcoin at any time.

    Now we offer the solution: you can input the private key by yourself. We have no way to know it.

   And, our safety check app will prove that the address matches the private key you input.

   3 If your product(Hardbit) fails, how can my Bitcoins be still safe?

   We provide backup function. 

   You can backup the wallet to as many places as you will. 

   And, you can easily import the backuped wallet to a Hardbit unit as the way of recovery.

   4 Is my backup file safe enough against  brute-force cracking ?

   Our wallet backup file has the same format as Multibit.

   You password is mixed with a "salt" so that it looks thoroughly random. Brute-force crack won't work at all.

   Our open-source safety checking app will show you how your wallet is safely encrypted.

  As conclusion, Hardbit is a theoratically safe Bitcoin hardware wallet, and you need 0 trust to us to safely use it.

  Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions that come up. We will try our best to give proof that Hardbit is the safest.