Choice for Mid--high Value Bitcoin Holders:Hardbit Hardware Wallet

For ultra-high value Bitcoin holders, trading frequency is extremly low, safety budget is very high,so they can afford metal qr codes + professional safe solution.

For low value Bitcoin holders, they don't care if their Bitcoins got loss, they can only focus in convenience, so online wallet is enough.

But for mid-high value Bitcoin holders, you need both safety and trading convenience.There're few solutions for this need.

Hardbit  is a good choice.

Yestoday we released version 2 of HB01 hardware wallet, which will help mid-high value Bitcoin holders in the following aspects:

1 Offline private key generation. You can manually input the private key to guarantee absolute safety. Using one Hardbit,you can generate as many private keys as you will.

2 Password  encryption. This is must need for Bitcoin account safety.Hardbit utilizes standard salt-mixing encrytion algorithm.

3 Account backup. You can backup the account to many copies in multiple medias.

4 Importing accounts. One Hardbit can manage multiple Bitcoin accounts. This is in accord with the idea of "don't put all the eggs in one basket".


 5 Offline signature. That's the core value of hardware wallet. The process for payment is only a little bit slower than online wallets, a worthy compromise for safety's sake. Because the Hardbit is small and works with smartphone, you can easily handle emergent payment needs.

As conclusion ,Hardbit HB01 is a choice for mid-high value Bitcoin holders to get both safety and convenience.