HB01 is a Bitcoin hardware wallet which makes your Bitcoin theoratically absolute safe by shielding your private key from the internet with QR-code-only communication.


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HB01 works with an online client(now Android version available, Apple version under development) to safely store and transact Bitcoin.

Commnucation method: scan QR code. All data are transmitted via QR code, including account balance data,payment request data, transaction data.

Backup supported. A 153 byte backup file can be created in online client via scanning the backup QR code. The backup file can be imported to any other Hardbit HB01 or HB01M devices.

Password encryption mandatory. To guarantee wallet safety , password encrytion is mandatory. 

Muitiple accounts supported.By reset and create new account, you can create as many safety accounts as you will.And with the account import function, you can manage many accounts with one Hardbit HB01, even accounts held by different persons--a family or company solution.

Scan target address QR code supported.You can scan any Bitcoin address QR codes, input payment amount, and send Bitcoin to that address.

Save fee function. A Hardbit-unique save fee mechanism is included. Transaction fee starts from 0.0001BTC, and if you compare with other wallets, Hardbit HB01 has much lower ratio of fee over 0.0001BTC.

Battery life:up to 2 weeks standby time after recharge. This time will become shorted with the battery aging. We provide another battery for backup.Turning off is recommended if you don't use it often, to enlong battery life. For long time offline storage, you can take the battery out.

Please see more detailed fuction introduction in the user's manual.

Please see more detailed technical introduction in technology page.